I’ve always been attracted by diy zines and never managed to find the time to do one myself. Then I realized how much time I spend practicing and creating materials that never go anywhere, so I’ve finally decided to sort things together and start this new adventure. We’ll see how this goes. MOLK is a diy folded 8-pages zine with an A4 poster on the back side and sometimes another insert (issue 1 has a small print on vellum that overlays the cover and you can frame by itself if you want). I’ll experiment size and page count in future issues, to maximize fun regarding layouts and content placement.

8 pages folded + poster on 100gm paper, 75x105mm (A4 unfolded), black and white plus color insert.

€3 Shipped

€10 Shipped + custom A6/A7 sketch insert

MOLK contains graphics, illustrations and text fragments of different subjects, usually weird or graphical. For those interested in paper rpgs and creative writing most of the texts can be used as an inspiration for situations, characters, creatures, etc.

Standard 3€Custom 10€

Please be aware that at the moment I only ship to Italy, send me an enquiry to check other available options. When placing and enquiry I’ll write back for details about payment and shipping.