The last game released in collaboration with Alberto Tronchi as Black Box Games and published by The World Anvil Publishing is a spinoff of our past game Evolution Pulse, where we imagined the same premise but in a different age of humanity. As usual I’ve done all the art and layout.

The english version of the game will go on kickstarter in January 2021 but in the meantime here’s a quick pitch of the project and you can download a quickstart here:

Evolution Pulse Rebirth is a grimdark tabletop RPG set in an ancient world subjugated by mysterious alien gods, where humanity’s Castes either revere or reject their rule.

With the opening of the Kunuk Surrum, a cursed black casket, Alexander the Great has accidentally invited something to Earth: the Hekath Daru Sanru, powerful beings immediately hailed as the Divine. Once free, the most powerful among them brands the masses with the Igisum Duga, a seal that grants supernatural boons but also forces subjects into submission. Thus the Empire is born, its borders eating into the Wild in a frenzied rush for control. But the Wild fights back – the Castes of free people are determined to ward off the Empire and an army of feral, mythological creatures refuse to surrender their dominance over nature.