Inktober 2018

My entries for the Inktober 2018 challenge. All digital inks done in photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.


Some of my latest ink sketches. Most of the are part of an incoming (I hope so) project called JUNK, a dystopic world of gangs and technology.

Hard surface sketches

Some hard surface sketches. Most of them are done starting from a basic 3d blocking done in Blender that has been overpainted in Photoshop. First image is done using grease pencil and random scale transormations to achieve different shapes and structures from the same set of lines.

3D Sculpt – Heads

Some digital 3d sketching using Blender. I’m not a 3d artist but there’s definitely some benefit for 2d artists practicing this, for example: understanding volumes, lighting, loose vs detailed parts and in general detail economy, anatomy structure, and so much more. Plus it’s really fun.

New Website

After a not so long time I felt the urge, like usual, to make a change to the website and have a somewhat fresh start. I’ve also decided to reattach to it a small blog, in witch to write a bit of what I do other than illustration and design jobs, to have a place […]