I'm an italian freelance visual artist and designer,

working for corporate and entertainment industry

since 2009 with a special love for bold and dark stuff.

I work as a 2d concept artist and illustrator for apparel, videogames, miniatures and tabletop gaming industry, focusing on sharp and dark visual assets.

I also provide branding, graphic design and layout services for all kinds of printed and digital projects.

I love idm/breakcore/drone, experimental art, and everything glitched. If you want some chaos into your project you're more than welcome.

As a plus I have several years of experience as a designer for corporate, providing clean web and print visuals, brand design, book layout and product packaging.

Some clients I've proudly worked with:

Reggie Games, Pickpocket Press, Steamforged, Mantic Games (Deadzone, Star Saga, Warpath), Catalyst Game Labs (Shadowrun), Quality Games, Helmgast (Kult:Divinity Lost, EON), Ludus Magnus Studio (Nova Aetas, Sine Tempore, Black Rose Wars), Forge Reply (Theseus), Ludic Dragon Games, Schwalb Entertainment (SotDL), Scry Media, Dreamlord Press, Coyote Press, Postworld Games, Tin Hat Games, Icarus Miniatures, Fiction Games, The World Anvil (Monad System, Nostalgia, more), GGStudio (Golconda, Hope&Glory), Black Box Games (Evolution Pulse, Dunqora, Omen, many more), Mobika, Punchlab, Wrapping Reality, Idee Italiane Group, KreativeKlan, Perlargento, and more.